Weight Loss Program

Rs. 3000 per Annum Per person/ Rs.5000 Per Couples


The concept of weight loss


 Losing weight is something, which has become a universal need these days. It is not only necessary for looking good but it is also important for people who want to improve their health and remain fit, healthy and active. Weight loss is an area where there are many theories and many methods to achieve a slim figure, but out of many which one is really healthy is very debatable.

Today there are many methods which are used to lose weight like the very low calorie diets, the high protein diets, the heavy exercise program, the electronic muscle exercisers and the heat methods, but they have their share of side effects.


As is quite evident that Nutri-genetics concept is based on the observation that each person is different genetically and the effect of food on each person varies according to their genetic structure. If simply stated it means that the bread which one person eats may give him energy but the same piece of bread for another person may spell trouble in terms of a hyper insulin reaction and a rise in fat deposits!. As many of us have already noticed that when some people drink milk they feel light and energetic while others feel drowsy and have an upset stomach. This difference in reaction is due to the difference in the way each person’s body reacts to food.


A synopsis of our methodology and salient features of our 'lose without tears' programme

At our clinic we follow the Nutri-Genetics theory, the most advanced concept in the field of nutrition till date. The team of doctors analyze your bio-energy (called prakriti in ayurveda) which reflects your genetic make up and take a detailed medical history and note down your eating pattern. Then taking into consideration your requirements as per your age, activity, lifestyle, medical history, your test reports, and your unique bio-energy, an individualized food plan is framed. The food plan is from your kitchen only and is very filling. Each food group is given one at a time to ascertain and reinforce your response to that particular food group. Your progress is closely monitored on day-to-day basis by our team.



This plan inclusive of


  1. Innumerable number of Ayurvedic consultations

  2. 5% discount on Medicines

  3. 10% discount on Other special therapies and Special Yoga classes

  4. Free Personalised diet plan

  5. 8 am to 8 pm – Tele call facility, Call the Ayurvedic doctor and get your telephonic consultation/ advice etc

  6. Free Home delivery of Medicines*

  7. One time free complete blood cholesterol analysis





In addition, a team of following specialists helps you consistently:

Yoga Therapist: They help you to keep a positive stage of mind, reduce stress through exercise and Pranayama

Chief Physician: Our in-house Chief Physician make sure that we teach you the ways in which the foods could be appetizing, tasty, nourishing and satisfying. They hold regular demonstration in our clinics for you to taste and learn various recipes. This usually changes the very perception that diets prescribed for weight loss are boring and monotonous.


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