Diabetes Management Program

Rs.4000 per persoN/ Rs.7000 per couple

What is Diabetes Mellitus?

Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, starches into energy needed for daily life. The cause of diabetes continues to be a mystery, although both genetics and environmental factors such as obesity and lack of exercise appear to play roles.

The early symptoms of diabetes include weakness and tiredness, weight loss, excessive urination, excessive hunger, and excessive thirst. Further there could be delayed healing of wounds, itching and fungal infections. If untreated the condition may affect the eyes, kidneys, nerves, and the arteries which in turn lead to various disorders. Uncontrolled diabetes may lead to medical emergency called diabetic keto-acidosis.


Major types of diabetes mellitus


Type 1 Diabetes - Results from the body's failure to produce insulin, the hormone that "unlocks" the cells of the body, allowing glucose to enter and fuel them.


Type 2 Diabetes - Results from insulin resistance (a condition in which the body fails to properly use insulin), combined with relative insulin deficiency. Major group of diabetics belong to this category.


Gestational Diabetes - Gestational diabetes affects about 4% of all pregnant women.


Pre Diabetes - Pre-diabetes is a condition that occurs when a person's blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough for a diagnosis of type II diabetes. These groups of people can actually reverse their chances of getting diabetes in future by appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes.



In order to determine whether or not a patient has pre-diabetes or diabetes, health care providers conduct a Fasting Plasma Glucose Test (FPG) or an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT). Either test can be used to diagnose pre-diabetes or diabetes With the FPG test, a fasting blood glucose level between 100 and 125 mg/dl signals pre-diabetes. A person with a fasting blood glucose level of 126 mg/dl or higher has diabetes.

In the OGTT test, a person's blood glucose level is measured after a fast and two hours after drinking a glucose-rich beverage. If the two-hour blood glucose level is between 140 and 199 mg/dl, the person tested has pre-diabetes. If the two-hour blood glucose level is at 200 mg/dl or higher, the person tested has diabetes.


What we can do if you have diabetes?


First of all do not panic as diabetes is controllable and one can lead a healthy life like a normal person following a few dietary changes and lifestyle modifications.

While losing weight and increasing physical activity can help reduce the chance of getting diabetes and help to control it, some people try drastic diets, such as fasting (or not eating for a long period of time). But such kind of diets, research have shown, are effective only in a meager percentage of people in comparison to the majority of people in whom there is deterioration of the ability of their body to handle the glucose.


So the first thing is to understand the type of food you should be choosing according to your prakriti (bio-energy) and according to the effect of a particular food on your blood glucose levels (called glycemic index). Our ayurvedic doctors guide you on this aspect.


Secondly it is appropriate to include certain common herbs like Karela seeds, jamun (seeds), etc. in you daily meal plan. As such, after ascertaining your dominant bio-energy, and your eating pattern and history of the ailment, a weekly diet plan is prepared. If you are overweight then you are advised to lose it and monitor it more closely. Accordingly our doctors prepare the diet plan for you.


Our Yoga Therapist comes to your aid

Getting diabetes at any stage puts a lot of stress due to the dietary restriction and continuous medication (or insulin shots) and knowing about the possible consequences of the disease. Our yoga therapist will help you to develop a positive attitude towards the ailment with regular exercise and Pranayama, which help your body in a better control over the blood sugar.


This plan inclusive of


  1. Innumerable number of Ayurvedic consultations

  2. 5% discount on Medicines

  3. 10% discount on Other special therapies and Special Yoga classes

  4. Free Personalised diet plan

  5. 8 am – 8 pm – Tele call facility, Call the Ayurvedic doctor and get your telephonic consultation/ advice etc

  6. Free Home delivery of Medicines*

  7. Quarterly blood and Urine sugar analysis




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